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The Naked Seduction: Book Three – Lights on the Far Horizon series

TN SEDUCTION WEB PROMO large.jpg Naked Seduction

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Theirs was a marriage built on love. But it was a tired love and both of them wanted to do something about it. Him especially. She knew he was fed up with her and she couldn’t blame him.
So begins Sailor Stone’s third story in his Lights on the Far Horizon series…
The plan was to separate for the week before their anniversary and find themselves, and then each other, so that they could rediscover the love that had ignited their marriage five years previous. Each would take a trip, a trip separate from the other, to a paradise far away from their jobs, their twin babies, their families, and their friends. This was for the best, no questions asked, just find the essential spark before coming home…
Tanner Brodie has a wife trying to deal with postpartum depression. She went dark soon after giving birth to their twins. She has become a mother too angry and afraid to come home to her family at night and now their marriage is disintegrating before his very eyes. Desperate, he launches a plan to bring his wife back to both him and their babies before it’s too late…
A marriage on the rocks, sleek yachts, a beautiful island, new friends, and a handsome and mysterious billionaire – forced from her home by her husband – these are the things Kinsey Brodie now finds herself running from and running toward in this novel about a husband and wife who will do whatever it takes to save a most prized possession: their marriage.
But after everything she has done to him, is it too late?

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