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Moving all of my Books into Kindle Unlimited

I just released Honeymoon Beach: The Passion Brokers for sale at the end of September, but I did it a bit different than I did for my other novels. I put it in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program and it sold many, many more copies this first month up for sale than any of my other books did when I released them to multiple vendor sites.

I have come to realize that almost all of my readers buy their books on Amazon or are signed up to read unlimited books through Amazon’s KU program. Well, because of this new found knowledge, I’m signing up for KU for all of my books and I should have them in the program within the next day or so. If you are currently in the KU program they will all be there for you to read very soon. If you are not in the KU program I will keep them all for sale on the Amazon site at discounted prices as I have always done; so no change there.

I will also be releasing my follow up novel to Honeymoon Beach: The Passion Brokers into the KU program at the end of this year as well.

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