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The Romance Novels of Sailor Stone

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The Lights on the Far Horizon series of books are romance novels and short stories that are written from the viewpoint of a writer named Tanner Brodie. The stories focus on his relationship with Kinsey Appleton. It also features stories about people that Tanner and Kinsey come into contact with as they live their lives. The main theme of the series is the aspiration to love someone with a total commitment to doing what is right for the sake of the other and for the sake of the relationship, not for the sake of self.

The series takes place near and on water – places like Charleston, Miami, Bermuda, the islands of the Caribbean and many other tropical locations.

The sex that takes place in the series of books is passionate and comes from the development of the story. It isn’t there just for the sake of it. It flows from the love generated by a woman wanting to give all of her femininity to the man she loves with a complete surrendering of her body to him and the man thus responding by returning that love back to her with a passionate masculine intensity that ultimately fuses them as one being.

The Lights on the Far Horizon series. Romance novels aiming for the heart of all artists, whether they paint, sculpt, dance, write, or create anything else that comes deep from within their soul.

Buy book one, the short story, The Naked Sunrise, here.

Buy book two, the novel, The Naked Sunset,  here.

Buy book three, the novel, The Naked Seduction, here.


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