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  • Naked Sunset

Lights on the Far Horizon Trilogy

Book one – Naked Sunrise – A short story prequel.

In the moments before the dawn of a new day, on a deserted beach…
A young artist ready to change the world and a passionate surfer looking for a quiet and inspiring moment come together and connect in the beauty of the morning sun as it rises from the sea.
What he does – and she articulates – will take your breath away.

Book two – Naked Sunset – a novel.

After years of searching for their soul mate – a young man and woman meet and fall in love on a beautiful white beach as the sun sets behind them. They plan to spend the coming night and every day and every night that follows – together. But before the night is over and the sun has risen from the sea they will have lost one another – perhaps forever.
The Naked Sunset is a love story where hearts must wait and souls must search – always hoping – but never knowing, -if fate will provide another chance to come together and stay together – this time, perhaps, forever.

Book three – Naked Seduction – a novel.

A marriage on the rocks, sleek yachts, a beautiful island, new friends, and a handsome and mysterious billionaire – forced from her home by her husband – these are the things Kinsey Brodie now finds herself running from and running toward in this novel about a husband and wife who will do whatever it takes to save a most prized possession: their marriage.
But after everything she has done to him, is it too late?